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Until Every Child Is Free From Trafficking

Immediate needs for survivors of trafficking in Baltimore!

When faced with the atrocity of human trafficking, many people feel overwhelmed and that there is nothing they can do to help.  But that is simply NOT TRUE.

The Araminta Freedom Initiative’s mission is to mobilize our community to end trafficking in tangible ways.  Here is one way you can start fighting human trafficking in the Baltimore Region…TODAY!

Our partners and friends at TurnAround are opening a Transitional Living Home and Independent Living Home for survivors of sex trafficking.  They still need several items to setup these homes, and they are so close to opening. Below is a Target Wish List of items they still need.  By giving items on this list, you are allowing survivors to enter a safe, stable environment where the message they receive is that they are loved, wanted and cherished by our community.

Please consider what you can give and follow these simple steps to contribute.

Option 1: Online Shopping

1. View the Target Wish List here. (Items range from $5-$250)

2.  Add Items to your cart and select items for  “Melissa”.  Items will ship directly to TurnAround.

Option 2: Shop in your local Target

1. Go to any Target store and look up TurnAround on their registry computers to shop for items.

2. Email Araminta at to arrange for a volunteer to collect the items and deliver the item to TurnAround (Baltimore Region only).

Option 3: Purchase a Target Gift Card

1. Purchase a Target gift card in any amount.

2. Mail the giftcards to:

Araminta Freedom Initiative
PO Box 22106
Baltimore, MD  21203

3. Include your name and address, and you will be mailed a tax deductible receipt and confirmation of the gift to TurnAround.

Thank you for your support of TurnAround and the brave survivors they serve!

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