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Until Every Child Is Free From Trafficking

Follow the Star to Freedom…


Dear Friends,

This time of year reminds us of the story of the wise men who looked up in the eastern sky and saw the star of Bethlehem. Their faith foretold of a star that would announce the birth of the one who would bring freedom. Their long-awaited hope grew brighter. Was this star truly the one? Would it lead them to the messiah — the hope for a people experiencing bondage and slavery throughout many generations?

But there is another powerful story that is told about another star that brought a similar promise of freedom thousands of years later. The North Star was the guiding point for Harriet Tubman and those she led along the Underground Railroad. It was their marker to stay due north, following the path to freedom. Harriet said, “God set the North Star in the heavens; He gave me the strength in my limbs; He meant that I should be free.” Amidst great trials and risk, she faithfully pointed to it reminding that God’s plan for them was to be free.

The wise men and the slaves, both journeying in faith, following a promise of freedom. And just like the freedom seekers of the past did not find their hope in isolation, survivors of modern-day slavery need us to come alongside of them, lifting their eyes to see freedom within their reach. As we come to a close on 2018, we give thanks and find great encouragement from those who walked before us.

Will you join us with a special year-end gift to keep the movement shining bright and carry on this legacy of freedom? At Araminta, we have several freedom opportunities in 2019.


Your partnership with help us grow and sustain the mission by:

• Broadening our reach throughout Maryland to awaken, equip, and mobilize the Church and community to engage with the mission of Araminta

• Increasing prevention and intervention education trainings and presentations in the community and throughout Maryland schools

• Expanding our drop-in center, Home Base, to provide more restorative survivor services

We invite you to join us in pointing to freedom for survivors of child trafficking. Your year-end gift to Araminta will continue the legacy of the faithful as we build our own modern-day underground railroad.

Let us move forward together — Until faith becomes sight, hope is fulfilled, and every child is free.

With hopeful expectation,

Alicia McDowell
Executive Director

Please consider partnering with Araminta to carry on the legacy of freedom with a year-end gift. Donations can be made online at

Prefer to send a check? Please make payable to Araminta Freedom Initiative and send to PO Box 22106, Baltimore, MD 21203

Araminta Freedom Initiative is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Contributions are eligible for tax deductible treatment for federal and state income tax purposes. Gifts are designated to the overall mission of Araminta & will be used to meet the most urgent need, unless otherwise specified. You may request a fair & full description of the mission & activities of the organization, as well as a copy of our financial statements by letter: PO Box 22106, Baltimore, MD 21203 or email:

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