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Until Every Child Is Free From Trafficking

Taking a critical look at ourselves this Palm Sunday

Palm SundayIt can seem strange celebrating Palm Sunday sometimes, knowing that by the end of the week, these same people that hailed Jesus as king and celebrated and welcomed him to Jerusalem would call for his death.

It can teach us a lot about ourselves, however, if we are only willing to take that critical look.

It reminds us at Araminta of that part of our mission statement that challenges “each individual to recognize their personal contribution to a culture that distorts human dignity and worth.”

As we take a teachable heart posture, may we see in ourselves both those who welcome and those with the potential to be too easily swayed by the surrounding culture.

May we recommit, then, to seeing each person with the worth and dignity that God bestowed upon them, not allowing any distorted vision to interfere with this.

May we continue to shout “Hosanna” and open our arms, even when the world tells us there is nothing to celebrate nor welcome.

May we see the possibility of restoration for all, even as our Lord did.

May we see the HOPE of Easter morning even as we walk through the darkness that precedes it.

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